• The ministry of foreign trade visit to China international animal husbandry fair Of the intensification
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    VIV China is at the highest level of international exhibition of animal husbandry.At the same time also is the only  present domestic international exhibition of animal husbandry.Congress attracted from China, Singapore, Chile, Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, UK, France, Spain, the United States, South Korea, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan to more than twenty countries and regions of the exhibitors.




    This exhibition is the theme of the intensive animal husbandry.This is not only the world trend of the development of animal husbandry,but also our enterprise to adapt to the needs of the market economy and  international economic integration free trade system development inevitable trend. 2012 VIV China by the China animal husbandry station and China international chamber of commerce host On September 23 to 25 in the China international exhibition center was held The enterprise, the scope and visit the audience is a record!



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    The ministry of foreign trade company rate group ii 2012 viv further opened the international market, and several foreign medicine enterprises purchase letter of intent signed, make a lot of foreign pharmaceutical production enterprise, for we better development in the international market has laid a good foundation.